Sunday, May 12, 2013

Episode Two: "Happy Future Mother's Day"

Like any good daughter would do, I called my Mom for Mother's Day this morning. We talked about the beautiful Florida weather, her plans for the day, how much she missed me and is looking forward to seeing me in July--all the usual things...and then, as we were about to hang up, she said something that stopped me in my tracks, something I wasn't expecting...

"Jamie," my mom said, "I want to wish you and Sarah a happy future Mother's Day."


That's right.

This time next year, Sarah and I could be Moms.

Happy future Mother's Day indeed.

Those of us who were formed by theological folks talk often about the already/not yet of God's kingdom.  It's here among us, present in all we do, in every part of our world, but it's also on its way, still to come, a mystery.

And so it is this Mother's Day.  Sarah and I are about six weeks away from being officially done with "our end" of the adoption process--the home study is almost complete; we've written our letter to the birth mother and are in the process of selecting our photographs to go with the letter, and then we'll be done. Just like that. With nothing left to do but wait.

Wait for 4 weeks...wait for two years....though the wait time is yet to be determined (it all depends upon when a birth mother discerns that we're the right family for her child), the average wait time is 14 months....but it could be 14 days, or 14 weeks, there's just no way to know.

Happy future Mother's Day.

Happy future Mother's Day to all those future moms, future dads, future families,
those who find themselves in the liminal space between figuring out maternity leave policies (just in case, you never know when it might happen) but not wanting to buy a crib just yet (we wouldn't want to look at it empty for months at a time),
those who have already secured insurance for their future child (it's required as a part of the home study) but have no sense of when they'll actually need to use it,
those who have no idea if the call will come in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or (alas) even years....
those who are existing in the already/not yet of parenthood...

Happy future Mother's Day.
Happy future Mother's Day indeed.

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