Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Episode 14: In Celebration of Ordination Day Dresses

I got a new haircut on Monday evening. As has been known to happen, I woke up Tuesday morning with a mild case of haircut anxiety (also known as the what-if-everyone-hates-it-and-makes-an-awkward-face-when-they-see-me syndrome). In an attempt to bolster my wavering confidence regarding the altered appearance of my head, I chose an outfit that made me feel bold. My strategy was simple: if my dress is cute enough, maybe folks won't even notice my newly shorn state.

It was only later that day, when a student complimented my dress (you see, my plan worked after all) and asked where it was from that I remembered just when this dress had made its appearance in my was the dress I wore for my ordination.

In a moment of connection, what I do believe one of my lovely mentors and friends Rev.Viki Matson would call an "aha moment," I realized why this dress has always made me feel confident, sassy, competent, and ready to take on the world (and do battle with my own haircut anxiety demons).  This dress is not just any dress.  This dress is not your average buy-at-the-store, stick-in-your-closet, take-out-and-wear, wash-and-repeat garment.  No, not even close.

This dress is your classic called-to serve-God, sent-to-love-God's-people, empowered, named and sent ensemble.  While it might appear to be "green"--it's actually the color of a whole congregation laying hands on you, affirming your call, and watching you rise up from your knees after this laying on of hands with tears in your eyes because you never thought it would happen.

The extra sass and spirit of this dress, the way it "swishes" a bit more than expected--Calvin Klein had very little to do with it.  Stitched into its fabric is the movement of beloved clergy colleagues processing down the sanctuary's aisle, looking sharp, serious and joyful in their beautiful robes and vibrant red stoles. Pressed into each pleat of its skirt is the deep, contented sigh that comes with breaking bread and holding the cup as a "Reverend" for the very first time as well as the tears shed in between congratulatory hugs from parents, friends, elders, and colleagues.

I love the dress. I am honored, humbled and awed by my call. I'm still not quite so sure about the haircut.

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  1. I have VERY similar feelings about my ordination dress! It was a gift from two older women who were members of my congregation. They took me out shopping for it. Now, I wear it once every summer, and every single time I get compliments about it. It's just a really special dress. Thank you for capturing this so beautifully! (And, super cute dress!)