Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Episode 15: to our one-day-baby at the end of the shutdown

Hello Dear One, My Sweet One-Day-Child,

You might not exist at this moment or perhaps (and I write this with bated breath and a hopeful heart) perhaps you are growing, somewhere, right now. If this is the case, keep it up my love. Grow strong.

The man on TV reported that the shutdown ended tonight. You don't know what the shutdown is, I know, but in the end, it doesn't really matter. The only important thing to share with you about all of this government craziness is this: the shutdown is what happens when folks are consumed by their need for control and their desire for Truth (with a capital "T"). But you, my lovely one-day-child, you are invited to be and do and live for so much more.

Be bold and courageous in all you do, "risking" your beliefs for the sake of genuine engagement, radical hospitality and audacious truths.

Do what gives you great joy--pursuing passion, making love and making peace, doing what needs doing and loving who needs loving.

Live with the knowledge that this world of ours is always moving toward redemption, that God is always doing a new thing, that you and I, and the politicians and the capital "T" truth seekers...all of us are immersed in God's redemptive goodness.

Be bold sweet child. Do what gives you joy. Live with the knowledge that you are enough; you are beloved; you are redeemed.   Because, in the end, it is these things (not the shutdown, or the fighting, or the endless stalemates) but these things--love, joy, redemption, being, doing, living--it is these things that matter most.

All my love,
Your One Day Mama

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