Thursday, March 27, 2014

Episode 23: It's not (really) about World Vision....

Recently my Facebook newsfeed has been full of responses to the recent string of decisions by World Vision around their discriminatory hiring policies that exclude GLBTQ individuals. I'm glad people care; I am thankful that a discriminatory policy such as that of World Vision doesn't slip into practice (again) unnoticed and without protest. I am deeply aware that this public outcry (at least among my friends and loved ones) signals a continued change in the way our world and our churches approach those who are something other than heterosexual.

One day we will all be welcome and celebrated--at God's table, at the dinner table, everywhere. The outcry of so many against World Vision's decision testifies to this coming truth.

What troubles me though--my fear--is that we might be tricked into thinking that this type of open discrimination, this explicit exclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer folks, is a rare thing. Because World Vision, a national organization, publicly reversed its decision to hire GLBTQ men and women-we're aware of their less than loving practices.

World Vision's practices aren't new and they aren't an isolated occurrence.

Everyday, in countless towns, cities, and neighborhoods, discrimination against GLBTQ folks happens. Whether through subtle glances, blatant gestures, written policies or unwritten "norms," I never know just when I will face exclusion, rejection, hate, or discrimination. I have to be prepared for it, with my defenses up, all of the time.

And so, my friends, my family, all the amazing allies out there: I need you to be outraged now at World Vision, at the brokenness in our world...and I need you to be outraged tomorrow (and the next day, and the next). I need you to continue to protest for change--in big and small ways--because I cannot bear this burden alone.

Change comes when we journey together every day, through the large and the small, bearing witness to another world, another way of being.

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