Friday, May 16, 2014

Episode 25: Annoying Problems & Sandy Solutions

I've got a problem y'all. (Well, truth be told, I have many problems but let's just focus on one of them for the purpose of this blog).

It's a great problem as far as problems go but it's still a problem.

My problem: I love my work, my vocation, so much that sometimes it's almost impossible to get myself to stop.

Ministry, serving a small college as Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life, it's simply incredible. I cannot believe that I get to do it everyday.

I'm not sure why I've always been so startlingly aware of what a privilege it is to do what I do but I'm guessing it's related to the fact that I didn't always know it would be possible.

Deviating from the "norm" in any fashion has the tendency to sideline even the most called, capable, beloved children of God and--as many of you know--loving, well intentioned institutions (the church) sometimes prohibit these gifted men and women from living out their call and vocation.  As a woman in love with someone of the same gender, living out my call was not always guaranteed. But somehow the stars aligned and by sheer luck I found myself in the right place at the right time--a church that affirmed my call and a region of the church who would celebrate that call with me and my congregation through the ordination process. Praise be. 

And so I am always very aware that it is a deep joy and a great privilege to do what I do.

That brings us, once again, to the problem at hand--now that I actually get to do what I am called to do everyday, I've got to learn how to stop, how to set boundaries, how to rest.

I haven't figured it out quite yet and for the past three years, Lord knows, I have been trying with questionable success. But this time I've got a surefire plan--one I'm almost positive will work:

Step One: Compose an automatic reply for my work email account. Done. 
Step Two: Pack a bunch of food, local wine, a few swimsuits and leave Wyatt (bless his heart) in the care of trusted friends. Done.  (Wyatt is our cat, not a child, calm down).
Step Three: Load up the car, put bluegrass on the radio, and with Sarah Nichole in the driver's seat, make our way toward the Outer Banks to be with dear friends who know me better than I know myself--stopping only to visit a few other dear ones along the way.
Step Four: Wine glass in hand, sit in the sand and look at the stars.

This is my plan y'all. I'm one lucky girl and I am nothing short of thankful.
Here's to the coming week of sand, laughter, contented sighs and lazy-summer-day-naps.
Thanks be to God.

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